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  Last Updated:  November 9, 2016

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nuiconPesticides Around Schools Proposal

The California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) has proposed precedent setting regulations that if adopted, will significantly restrict the application of crop protection products near schools and require notification prior to all other crop protection product applications. The regulations are not science based and were proposed to appease anti-pesticide activists that are pushing a 1-mile prohibition of all pesticide use around schools. Three public hearings have been set up and WPHA encourages our members as well as members of the agricultural industry to attend. WPHA has developed an opposition letter here for members to utilize. When signing the letters, please make sure to sign your full name and include the name of your company. The deadlind to submit your letter is tomorrow, Friday Dec. 9th and letters must be submitted by fax or email. Further details on the regulations can be found below.

Specifically, the proposed regulations will:

Prohibit most crop protection applications within a ¼ mile of public schools and day care centers Monday through Friday, from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Require annual notification by the property operator to the school site and county agricultural commissioner (CAC) of all expected crop protection products to be used during the year.

Require 48-hour notification by the property operator to both the school site and the CAC prior to the application of a crop protection product not prohibited under the regulation

The impacts of the proposed regulation are significant. They will impact growers who will be prohibited from applying the products they need, when necessary, to ensure their crops are protected. Crop loss will likely occur with no compensation to growers. Crop protection products will be impacted. This regulation completely circumvents the entire federal and state regulatory process used to assess product risk and places unscientific restrictions on products that are unwarranted.

Further, the regulation completely overrides current law that provides the same protections as the regulations seek to address but offers no county level flexibility. It will also require growers and applicators to fill out and submit unnecessary paperwork, further adding to the burdensome administrative requirements already in place. For these reasons, it is critically important for our members and agricultural allies to voice their objections to these regulations.



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